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hi  my name is missy and i am from ohio!!  i am severely addicted to ob and it drives the hubby crazy!!  lol i am a mother of 3  2 beautiful girls and my baby boy i love being a mother and i have the best job in the world:  a stay at home mom its great!!  i love a good game of MEAN EVIL SLUDO !!LOL i absolutely love playing sludo with PROand sadies ,reneez, imno, @peace and my best friend on this site is kiwitangerine i love you woman and im so glad that i met you on here youve been here for me for absolutely anything i have needed! you all make this so much fun!! my pictures of of my oldes daughter emily! she is a senior this year and these are a few of her senior pics.  i am so  proud of her!!

hey girl! I missed you like crazy, then get back on this site only to find I still miss your arse! wake up..hahaha you are always sleeping!!
Well I thought we was best friends. Now I am so sad. It will take a lot to make up for it.
grrr for the first time in forever, im here......and youre not!
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wanted to wish you a happy new year girlie ! stay out of trouble ! what am i saying its you lmao! happy new years anyways to you and your family!

Just stopping by to tell ya how glad I am to have gotten to know ya! OB would be boring without you for sure!
Hows the I-phone then - :)
Oi you - did you delete me from your friends list :( :(
There are several kinds of friends ...
the friends you just a simple hi and bye!
friends that you know you LOVE more deeply
friends you can never count on them
friends who have betrayed you
friends who have deceived thee
friends who are no longer your friend
ALWAYS give you a hi with greater happiness and more sadness goodbye you may not know (I hope you know) I love you deeply know that you can always count on me
NEVER will betray you I will
NEVER deceive you
And I hope you NEVER stop being friends!
Thank you hun for being my partner. I had fun. you are a good player and I would have you as my p any time. I meant what i said in my whisper
Merry Christmas Missy and Best Wishes for 2012!!!
aww tysm for the awesome words,,,u know I feel the same! You and all ur kids are gorgeous,,tks for being beautiful on the inside too! See you in the games,,and can't wait to see you in cali!
hay, your daughter is beautiful! no wonder you're such a proud momma! best of luck to her!
HAYBUG you are the bomb girl... I love playing you and Sadies.. the bestest Sludo gals around. Forever you will be one of my nemisis'. Love ya chick. <3 Now pass dat peace pipe!!
OMG! You are so sweeeeeeeeeet! Thanks for the mention darlin! I love playing you in sludo....every now and then I can even BEAT YOUR ASS~! rofl
Happy Gaming~!
wow hun shes beautiful hun congrats on being a senior;)
wow hay shes a beauty
Hay you are so much fun to get beaten by. lmao!!! I still like playing sludo with you. Glad we met in here. Keep on being Blessed!!
Thanx 4 the spankings in sludo, I enjoyed it (not really tho) LOL. I promise one day I'll have revenge on you...muahaha...after you stop eating all those cheetos!! LMAO :P
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year hun! xxx ooo
Merry Christmas to you and yours hon!
Love ya!
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!! xoxo~Sommer
bugggggggggggg :D Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Hiya Mellisa! I just wanted to come to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving! Have a good day, take care and eat extra stuffing for me!
Happy Thanksgiving my friend. May God bless you and your family always. Now get your butt on here and lets sludo!! Take care luv ya -hugs-
Happy Turkey Day sweetie to ur family from mine muahsssssssssss
im glad we r friends i have a blast with our 6 peeps phone calls ty for being there 4 me loves ya
im glad we r friends i have a blast with our 6 peeps phone calls ty for being there 4 me loves ya
hayyywench!! I love playing sludo with you. you're definitely my favourite to beat at that game :P I'm so glad that I got to meet someone whos so easy to beat as you are, hah! Just kidding! I love our games and you're a fun person to talk to :) Take care hun!!!
I'm with you girl. Love ludo esp s ludo. It drives me crazy. Thanks for being there to play s ludo with me its always fun. God Bless you and your family. SMILE!