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Username:candy girl, 49 years
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I play mostly:Painted Yatzy - played 7817 times
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i never forget  you (10) (10)

 hi   am lauren    gl   ur  games





Hows the candy gal?
love the candy girl xo
merry x mass xo
i want candygirl !
its the beautifull lauren ! xo
its the beautifull lauren ! xo
love ya kinky bear ! xo
WTF New teeth and new b**bs!
Was it your birthday? :P
Sorry but that cat picture sure isn't an X-Mas tree! :P
the lovely and talented lauren xo
have a great x mass candy cane girl . when and how did panas pass away ? rip
Each year I get older and you get better looking. Not fair LOL
hey u really should get some buttons 4 that dress hun , just an observation lol ;-) and its about time u left me a GB soo start thinkin of some nice things to say lol 1uk x
Hiya Lauren! :) Happy Saturday! :) I love your pofile pic. :))) Mwuah
Hello Candy Girl!!! Keep Smiling!!! :)
great lookin pair of hats lauren , just make sure its not a windy day , or get some string under ur chin or glue on ur head ..ok well ty 4 losing against me and t/c ..barry x

Me most ;)
What a great profile pic... you are SO pretty! Love you babes!
hi gfff nice pic xoooxoxoo
hmmm which 1 is you ? ooh the drunk looking 1 doh! lol hope you learnt from me in our game lol luv 1uk x
There is only one who really really loves you... and of course thats me.. <3 love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa babes :D
Wow...look at you're pretty self :D Hope all is well with you hun. Huggs xxxxx Anna
Merry Christmas hun.. have a great one xxx
my bf said u r HOT lol i thnk so 2 lol xxxxxxxxxoooooooo
Happy Holiday hun Love ya
Where do you find these Sayings?? I love them....

Thanks Michelle (AnglOnYrShoulder)
<Happy BDay Lauren>
S'.G.O. poluuuuuu
happy haloween
Believe with the 'instinct' & you doubt with the 'logic'!
The most beautiful profile for one more time babe!!! But the 2 last ones paragraphs it is the 'meaning' of word: >TRUTH<
Loveeeee youuuuuu!
hi laurenn nice 2 of played a game with u , next time ima not gonna be sooo nice cus i need the points sooo put ur hat on and get ready 4 a fight lol , anyway nice words in ur profile esp the last quote , words can be soo meaningful at times shame the ppl that sometimes there intended for cant read ...... luv 1uk :-)
Laurennnnnnnnnnn!!!! woot woot Just sending you some well deserved SUPA love your way! mmm mmmm mmmmm Love you xoxoxoxo
Happy New Year babes!!! I wish everything you want will come true in '2009'!!!
S'agapo poluuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
happy new year 2u
hey Hun I wish you a verry merry christmas and A happy n ew year hugzzzzzz xxxxx
Hi Candy Girl,

I wish you and your family a merry Christmas.
Have fun and TC.
I wasnt online yesterday :S... sorry but still:
Happy Birthday hun, hope you had a great day.
Big hug
Happy Birthday my love!!
Biggest kiss ever
Hope you're having a great birthday! May all your wishes come true. ~Hugs Anna~
Happyyyyyyyyyyyyyy BDayyyyyyyyyyyy babes!!! All of you want... All of you need... Yoursssss!!! loveeeeee youuuuuu!!!
Thank you very much for calling me to wish on my Bday!!!
Loveeeeeeee youuuuuuuuu!!!
I dedicate this CUP in PUZZLE (2008) to the sweetest girl in the WORLD!!!!
Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!
S'agapo polu!!!!!!
Hi lauren sweety! ur new comments n photos r very nice! i like ur hair 2! big change but with the same result: sweet n beautiful as always! take care!
kisses hun xxx
only me saying hi :D *hug*
hey gfffffff
really kewl profile
luvs u lotsssssssss
leo is back honey :) but when i saw your profile feel shame :(
just saw your profile and " homepage" at my space wow you are really a good looking girl, wonder where you where when I was 18 yrs old I know now not born great pics
wow nice profile and those pics are not taken by an amateur I can see that. great colours and back grounds
jdc ( denmark )
I kiss u & I'l SEE stars!!!!! love u babes!!!
wow so its you in the foto wow nice
Hi candy

Nice playing with you. mostly when i win the game. lol

kiss Boerni
candy girl gm and nice to see you daily in ob you are the bestest i wish the bestest fro you and yours
hi candy nice gallery
My candy I hope you get better in a short time. people mises you a lot.
Well came home babes... i hope now to stay in your house... & feel better... m here to'help' you... m here for you!!! plzzzzzzzzzzz stayyyy safeeeee...
Ohhhhhhh..... one 'STAR' is here....... I get youuuuu Laurennnnn!!! Loveeeeee you!
beautiful profile
woot woot hi huny love yer xxxxxxxxxxxx
when you gonna add me as a friend
hiya lauren, happy valetines day, hope you'll get lots of candy ;)
love Dannii
I come to live in your heart & I 'pay' with loveeeeeee!!!
Hi Lauren! your profile is gettin more n more sweet! most of all i like the description! keep it like that! filakia xxx
hi sis what can i say about .well lauren ur a great sister lease i think u are any way big hugs mark x ps like ur cats lol try not lose any more
Hi hun, Happy New Year!!! All the best! Luv ya... Dannii
happy new year my friend
merry xmas gffffffff and happy new year
myself and markus

if u see brat can u say hi miss him
Hey Lauren .. thx hun Happy New Year to u too hun tc and wish u all the best this year and always bosa wee hodn from me too ;) xxxx
Merry merry christmas and all the best for the new year to you and your loved ones.
Love you
Kiss from Yari :) and a big hug from me. Dannii
hope you have a joyous christmas and the best new year ever
merry christmas to you and all your beloves hun!
happy new year!
Merryyyyyyyyy Christmas babes! I will miss you all this days... Loveeeeee you Lauren!!!!!!
Just wanna wish u a Very Merry Christmas.... and A Safe and Happy New Year.... hugs Noreen :)
Just wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the upcoming New Year. Hugs Anna
hi Lauren
Merry xmas & all the best for 2008
Liz x
This message is for the sweet and lovely Lauren. Luv ya babes.
Im very very happy to know you.
Your ob hubby
CandyGirl, just stopping by to wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving and sending some love your way! David James
Such a great person you are! I wish you the best of luck in life!
Take Care my sweet friend!
hello hun.. u r such a sweet and pretty person.. wish you and adham all the best hun tc luv ya xxxxxxxxxxx
I believe in 'Angels' 2 since I met u!!!!! Loveeeeeee u!!!!!
hoyy ma mango , how are u
Omg ur guestbook full of spam... ;)
Lets add some love from ur ob Hubby :D
that is a cute baby he look so adorable
hey candygirl ur a great lady takes nada off anyone...ur a great friend to many here...tyvm 4 the hello's
Hey my lovely ob wife...
love u lots...
Take care babes,.....
-If the stars were your kisses and if they had others skys the world would be different now and the birds would have a voice -If the stars were your kisses in a box, I would lock them to feed my soul and the martins -If the stars were your kisses and come down to the earth the world would be different now... life would be different too...
hi lauren lovely picture huni u are veryy lovely 2
hi gfffffffffffff
love you like a sister
very kewl profile
wish u all the best in the newyear
love u lots gffffffffffffff
Geia sou (Hi) Lauren!!! Your profile is very beautiful just like you are... moraki!!!
most candy girl picture were made bye domas 4 me last year there 1 made bye crab the rest i found . jazz
hi candygirl where did you get those pics ?????
happy birthday loner hope ur day is all u wanted big hugs lauren xxx
hi gffffffff
love u lots
take care
kewl profile gfffffffffff
Sending a little love all the way from New Jersey to Scotland for my sweet Candy Girl who makes every day special
ty very much...

The best to you too, today and allways Dear Lauren...

Hug and kiss from chile baby!
May 2007 bring you all that you want and desire. love the tigers pic stay sweet and behave ;)
hi lauren very nice profile and homepage hun looking forward to seeing more off you love tanya xx
Best Wishes for 2007 Candygirl, great profile. Stay Sweet qand Be Good... if you can LOL.. Luv you
just want to wish u happy new year and may this year be great for you and your closest :)
Hiya my ob wife..... great to know u hun...
We Luv ya.,.

Dannii and Tet